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A Simple Digital-Based Computer Testing Management System

How it Works!

Introducting - First Time Quick Guide.

CheckIT is a User-Friendly, Super Fast, Easy to Use Digital Testing Management System, originally designed on a Next Gen PHP framework calleed FYNX (pronounced: finix), with various awesome Features that would make managing a Testing section not just Efficient, but Fun. This App comes as a Lite version (offline) or online SAAS version. Version 3.0 BETA is the Latest Ongoing release with Intelligent updates from the previous Version 2. In all, CheckIT is the Best.

To Effectively Utilize CheckIT as a First-Time User, this Quick Guide would get you Scheduling Test/Exam(s) in no time;


Register your firm/company/institution on the CHECKIT Registration Page and receive an E-mail that would have your Unique ID and Auth Credentials to access your App.


Your personalized CheckIT URL will come in this format: http(s)://{root_domain_name}/auth/signin/{your_unique_id}. Sign-in and update necessary settings like Courses, System Settings and a few others.


From the Left Side-Bar, Add Questions to the Question Bank using the Question Menu, and then create a Test Schedule from the existing Questions using the Test Menu.


Add Examinee(s) to the App with Auth Credentials using the Examinee Menu, and then Register them to an already existing Test Schedule by using the Register Action Button at the Right end of the Examinee(s) List Table.


And that is it Guys! Examinee(s) can access scheduled Test/Exam(s) via your Personalized CheckIT URL with their Auth Credentials. Enjoy!


Beautifully Designed and Intelligently Developed Digital Testing Management System for Best User Experience.

Flexible Testing System

Setting-up and Managing Test/Exam schedules has never been this Easy

Multiple Question Variants

Create Single Multi-Choice, Multi Multi-Choice, Closed-End and Open-End Questions and More

Rich Business Intelligence

Every Reporting Page is laced with Detailed Data Visualization and Interpretations

SAAS Enabled

This efficient SAAS - (Software As A Service System) will blow your Mind

Efficient Logging System

Monitor every activity of users as an administrator from the Log Report

User Friendly Xperience

Highly Responsive and capable of been Displayed on Multiple Device Platform


Other Nifty features that makes CheckIT the Best Testing System for most Organisations out there.

Role Permission Customization

Create any User Role with Desired Permissions of your own Customization

FYNX Framework

Developed with an all Brand new Version, Easy to use, Next Gen framework

Database Management

Backup and Restore your Database over Our Cloud Service System or Offline

API Enabled

Developers can take Advantage of Our API system to Build Custom Apps

Module Activation

Turn On or Turn Off any Domiciled Module of your Choice

Flexible Communication Systems

Communicate Via E-mail, SMS or CheckIT Internal Messaging System

Cloud Services

Enjoy Flexible Cloud Services from getting Addons to visiting our Market Space

4-Layer Security Measures

Efficient Security Measures from Simple Authentication Details, to Complex Encryptions of Data

Lots More

Support PnP Scanning Devices for easy Attendance taking, Multi-Language and In-house Customization Support, HTML Inputs and Maths enabled Question Entries etc.


View Gallery of CheckIT in action, with some highlights of the previous Version 2.0.

  • All
  • Front-End
  • Back-End
  • Version 2.0

Back-End 1


Front-End 1


Back-End 2


Back-End 3


Back-End 4


Back-End 5


Back-End 6


Back-End 7


Back-End 8


Version 2.0 1

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 3

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 3

Version 2.0


Select what Package suites your establishment from our Package Plan.


$0.00 / month

  • Personalized URL
  • 20 Examinees MAX
  • 100 Questions MAX
  • 5 Test-Schedules MAX
  • Support
  • Cloud Services
  • API Enabled


$69.99 / month

  • Personalized URL
  • 500 Examinees MAX
  • 5,000 Questions MAX
  • 250 Test-Schedules MAX
  • Support
  • Cloud Services
  • API Enabled


/ Contact Us

  • Personalized URL
  • Unlimited Examinees MAX
  • Unlimited Questions MAX
  • Unlimited Test-Schedules MAX
  • Support
  • Cloud Services
  • API Enabled

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions by prospective and new customers alike.

  • Can this application be used Offline as well?

    Yes you can! It also comes in a downloadable Lite Edition and would be supported with various Addon applications built both in-house and by other third party developers who are interested in using our API to make the system even more efficient.

  • Due to Intelligent Coding techniques and approaches used in developing the system, it is capable of serving more than 2000+ and above Examinees; This can be verified by various esteemed clients of ours whom have been using CheckIT as a testing management solution for years.

  • Absolutely! CheckIT is laced with a HTML editor that supports not just only HTML inputs, but also Videos, Audio, Photos and other media formats. It also supports the use of most Math symbols and other text editing tools to add easy to Testing operations.



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